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Comment :   Aksam, nice work.Its encouraging to see how many people love your site.They must be proud of being from Bterram.I have always felt that way.And ive been back there a few times now,and always enjoy it.Keep up the good work,and lets hope there are always ne
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Comment :   Good Work! You make all of us feel very proud of having our roots in lovely Bterram. My came to Argentina from Bterram in early 20 th century. Nasr, Sarquis, Melik, they are all family to me. I know i have cousins, uncles and aunts in Bterram but i´v lost
Name :   Michael Makhoul
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Comment :   We are all proud of you Bterram.
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Comment :   that´s a great Dr. aksam i was so happy to see my village with most of the details on internet, i feel like im home again. thank u so much for this work. god luck and best regards.
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Comment :   I have never lived in Bterram/ Lebanon but have visited at least once every year since I was born, and will continue to do so as long as I can. Amazing country and great site, keep up the good work.
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Comment :   Aksam, I apologize for not thanking you earlier. Great work, indeed! Your website got me hocked. I always take time from my busy schedule to look at it and enjoy its contents. The pictures of the village go beyond what the eyes meet, reaching the inner co
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Comment :   i beleive this Website is fantastic. Aksam, well done and thank you for this. maybe this will be the basis for an outstanding Bterram community.
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Comment :   Well done Aksam for the website, nice 2 hear from u & b in touch with everyone. I still go to bterram every 2 months almost. So let me know if you need anything from there... regards,
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Comment :   Dr. Aksam, you deserve meny thanks for making the dream of many Bterramians a reality. By constructing this website,You opened the doors to Bterramians all over the world to reconnect with Bterram, its people and its history. Congratulations!
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Comment :   i think u r the same aksam we knew in bterram . and i am ziad who grew and lived there.this website will be forwarded to all our bterramese in the gulf and wherever i can reach. this ravishing and any help u need we will be there for you.thanks ziad raj
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Comment :   Creating a website for my village delight my heart with happiness and joy.Eventhough, i am thousand miles away from bterram but indeed it still my home.I am proud to be from bterram because it is a special village with its brilliant minds who are spreading all over the world.
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Comment :   cest vraiment interessant ce que tu fais,je suis tres heureuse de voir tt le monde interesse par les informations que donne ce website. enfin je suis trop fiere detre ta petite soeur. courage
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Comment :   Thank you Aksam for the wonderful job you have been doing. I enjoyed your website, it brought me a lot of good memories . I am proud to be your cousin and proud to be from bterram.
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Comment :   Id like to say thanks for the people who worked to make this grat Website.I can see my House there in Bterram in The Photos, But not clearly. AND I WOULD LIKE TO MEETAND TO TALK TO ALL THE LEBANESE AND BTERRAMIANS PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA. Dont forget my ema
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Comment :   Hello, This website is amazing and a great inspiration to me i look forward to visiting this place in the later future, and this is also a plessure of findind out my family has been arround for a very long time and knowing about it. keep up the good work
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Comment :   Hi: I am grand-grand son of Bterramis, Familys Sarquis, Yappur (o Jabbur)y Funes (o Yunes). My grand-grandparents born all in Bterram al Koura. I need know how contact with parents If its lives right now in Bterram. I am so happy aboout your web site.
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Comment :   Its a great joy and soul refreshment to see this beatuful website about our roots and where we came from its a great insperation Well done Aksam and thank you
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Comment :   Bterram homepage is my virtual home away from home. Every visit brings vivid memory of worry-free days where your needs never exceeded your expectation. Thanks Aksam and to everyone who is contributing to make this website a sanctuary of our yearning!
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Comment :   Im from Chekka...I studied 2 years in Bterram at Khalil Salem School 94, 95. Beautiful village! had lot of friends from there.. Keep up the good work Dr Aksam.
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Comment :   I´m very happy.My grandfather was born in Bterram.He comes to Argentina betwen 1905-1910.Really the last name is Younes,but was changed here,to Funes.My grand grandfather named Hana Younes(I think)married with Elena Nacer(or Naser,Nazer).In Argentina was
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Comment :   I would like to say that i am extremely proud to see that such effort and pride was put into making this website. Congratulations on all those involved in developing it. It is wonderful to see that people are beginning to recognising our beautiful village
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Comment :   Hi Fellow Bteramians, I would like to congratulate all those involved in the development of this fabulous web site. To be able to look up Bterram on the net is or was beyond my comprehension, and then to see my grandparents house on the site.... well i
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Comment :   My father was born and raised in Bterram and my mother lived in Bterram for most of her life.... i am very thrilled that such a beautiful site has been constructed, you have done a fab. job Aksam..... i will endeavour to spread the word about the site to
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Comment :   I enjoyed this website, it brought back a lot of good memory. Also there is a picture of my house :). I mostly appreciated the history; this is certainly a nice way to introduce the new generation to our heritage. Thanks and keep up the good work.
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Comment :   My respect and thanks to you Dr Aksam for, it was a dream of mine… any way, it’s here and I love it. I would like to ask anybody that want to sign this book to write down as much as possible their family history it’s so important!
Name :   Samarah Kalache
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Comment :   I was born in Tripoli, my father George Kalache & mother Mawaheb (Hajji)were born in El Koura and grew up in Bterram.. I love Lebanon and am Very proud of my country. This is a great web site.. Thank You & Good on you.
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Comment :   Good Job Aksam, even though im not from Bterram, i spend good part of childhood there. these pictures took me back to that time. keep the good work, Beterram shoud be proud of you. Adel