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Comment :   Im so excited that ive discovered this site. Im Elie Salems grand-daughter (Lisas daughter), and having lived in Lebanon for short periods of time in my life, ive found that its difficult to seperate oneself from a beautiful and richly cultured village, l
Name :   Najib Chalet
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Occupation :   foreman for nj transit bus company
Location :   Wayne NJ
Comment :   I lived in Bterram until I was 10 years old then moved to the united states in 1982. My father is from Abba and my mother from Dar bishtar. My brothers and sisters are: Rose, Victor, Salwa, Elias, Mirna, George and Rami. Thank you for those wonderful pict
Name :   Lynne
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Comment :   I met George last night and he suggested that I visit your web-site. I am very glad that I did. What a beautiful place you have. Thank you for sharing a small part of yourselves with the world. Youre in my favourites now. See you again soon. Lynne
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Comment :   Congratulations on a job well done. Your website on bterram is to be applauded. It makes me proud to be from Bterram. Bterram will always hold a special place in our hearts even though we are so far away. Looking forward to visiting Bterram 2004.
Name :   Kim Bradley(Serhan)
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Comment :   I am just beginning to trace our family history and this is a beautiful place to start.Thankyou
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Comment :   Wonderfull page
Name :   Amanda Oliver
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Comment :   I am trying to find my roots. My great grandfather was Salem George,( or George Salem - a coma can be very important!)who came to the US around 1908 via Ellis Island, and then to South Carolina.Any sugestions as to how to seek more information will be app
Name :   Thomas Jarjoura
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Comment :   Although Ive visited Bterram (my mums village) many times while we were living in Lebanon, I could not recall much of its beauty. This site allows for me and for many others to induldge in its history and beauty.
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Comment :   manou helou
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Comment :   Aksam, it is really an impressive work. u r unifying a lot of people with our great vilage. this work may need to be linked to Albaladiah.
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Comment :   3 cheers for the website. well done. i am the daughter of the late George Koorey. I just came back from a holiday with my family and loved Bterram and hi to all my cousins there.
Name :   Sandra Hodgson
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Occupation :   writer historian
Location :   Innisfail, Far North Queensland, Australia
Comment :   Im preparing a social history exhibition and small publication focused through Miss Thelma Foomyia Mellick, whose father Abraham Selim emigrated from Bterram in 1900. A S was 15, and accompanied by his brother Habib, 13. They went to live with their Uncle
Name :   Salim George Khalaf
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Comment :   I was delighted to view your website. It touched my heart with memories of the homeland. Congratulations. Read about our heritage: A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia
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Comment :   It gives me great pleasure to discover this site of my home village. You have done Bterram and all its people, both home and abroad, pride in presenting our village to the world.
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Comment :   Home, where I long to be. Home, where I feel i belong. Home, my past, my present, my future. Home, my Bterram!
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Comment :   Thank you for this beautiful site. A dear friend, Fr. Ramzi Malik, O.P. died there recently and since I couldnt be there your site helped me to see the land he loved so much. Connie May
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Comment :   As a native from Bejje, Jbail, I always believed that my hometown gave birth to some of the greatest man and women. After surfing your website, I now realize that there is another great mother out there. Anyway, the town that gave birth to Dr. Charles Mal
Name :   Asad Salem
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Occupation :   Insurance Manager
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Comment :   What a wonderful website - my heritage is from Bterram and it was wonderful to see so many of my extended family members honoured for their work either in Lebanon or abroad. Well done on a great site.
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Comment :   Reading your information enabled me to see and understand the true beauty of my origins and I not only stand proud of my village but am able to utilise your website in my research and teachings. I gain sheer pleasure and thankyou for giving me the opportu
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Comment :   Although a sixth generation Australian I am married to a Bterramian and a large part of my heart has been left behind with the wonderful people and beautiful village
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Comment :   Congratulation on this wonderful web site, I really enjoyed viewing all these wonderful pictures for my beloved hometown. One Request: I would appreciated if you can give recognition in your web site to a great man that made a different for so many peopl
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Comment :   thanks for the memories
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Comment :   Un site tres instructif,un grand village libanais,des gens de grandes valeurs.Jesperes voir aussi Habib C.Malek le fils du defunt Charles Malek sur le site.Courage
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Comment :   it was a great idea to create this website and to bring visual memories of our village to those who cannot travel any more. you have actually done what others may have only thought of doing. you have become one of those people who are famous in bterrams h
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Comment :   hi all thx for this beautiful website which makes our village in contact with all bteramians and lebanese ppl around the world
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Comment :   Great job keep on putting Bterram name higher and higher NB: Thx to Firas Melky who put my name in a very bad way. No worry always he behaves like kids.
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Comment :   Dear web Master, My wife Wadad Salim Jarjoura of Bterram and I congratulate you for such a beautiful web site and invite you to visit our web site Keep up the good work and god bless
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Comment :   hi i think your web site is very good it tells u a lot about bterram. but could u plz put a photo os eleis serhan house bi isaac
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Comment :   Thank you Aksam about these nice meaningfull words. I appreciate your care about creating this website in order to keep our village in the mind of all people around the world. Thank you and wish you the best.
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Comment :   Extraordinory work Dr.Merched.U gave our travellers a new source of happiness & information. Keep the great work because those people in different contenents can help their village progress more especially now that we have a major project to build for our
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Name :   Fr. Lawrence
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Comment :   Saint John the Wonderworker Orthodox Chapel, (714) 972-9259, a traditional Orthodox presence in Orange County, California.