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Bterram a beautiful village of Lebanon with thousands of years of history, located
among the olive trees and surrounded by the White Mountains.
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Universal School of Lebanon (Bterram)
Villages of Al Koura
Aaba, Afsdeeq, Ain Akreen, Amioun, Anfeh (or Enfeh), Badbhoun, Barghoun, Barsa, Batroumine,
Bdebba, Bishmezzine (or Bishmezzine), Bednayel, Bhabboush, Bhehrane, Bkiftine, Bsarma, Btaaboura,
Btouratij, Bziza, Darbaichtar, Darchmezzine (or Darishmizzen), Deddeh, Enfeh, El-Mejdil, El-Nakhleh,
Fih, Ijdibrine, Kafarhata, Kafarhazir, Kaftoun, Kalhat, Kfarakka, Kfarkahil, Kfarsaroun, Kifrayya, Kousba,
Rasmaska, Reshdibbine, Zakroun, Zgharata El-Mtawele.
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Mehyou (new pasta factory in Bterram)
Koura Residence (student dorm in Bterram)
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Live CAM on
Bterram Festival
Lebanese University granting of a
Doctorate Honoris Causa to Professor
Philipe Salem
Professor Aksam
Merched sharing his
latest research in liver
From the seventh International meeting on Oncology, Immunology and Cancer Biology (Biobeirut7,
programme) held in the Main Conference Hall, Campus Hadath of the Lebanese University, 16th &
17th November 2017
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