People of Bterram
Originally Bterram inhabitants came from the same family: two brothers, Salem and
Malek, from Horan (South of Damascus, actual Syria) were first to settle in Bterram
(1). Nowadays, many families of Bterram have the same origin: some are linked to
the Salem family, the others to the Malek's.
Bterram's other family names include: Abboud, Alagha, Deab, Fellah, Jabbour,
Jarjoura, Khalache, Khawli, Khoury, Makhoul, Melki, Naser, Saker, Sarkis, Serhan,
Sha, Srour, Tannous, Yazbek, Younes...
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Bterram's people, alike the general population of the region, are highly educated.
Many of its men have worldwide influence in the political, academic and business
The most famous and influential bterramian was
Dr. Charles Malek who was a
leading figure in the drafting and adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of
Human Rights. Dr. Malek held many prestigious political and educational positions
such as President of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
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Dr. Charles Malek
Dr. Charles Malek
During the late 1800's and the beginning of the 1900's, emerged many famous Bterramis such as
Ebrahim Malek who was holding different governmental positions, Dr. Habib Malek and Aziz Malek
and his brother Costantin Malek who was a successful businessman in Australia, Professor Boulus
El-Khawly who was a leading professor at the American University of Beirut. Overseas, many people
were very successful.

(1): Kamous Lubnan, Jumah Wadih Nicholas Hanna, First print 1927, Assalam Eds)

One important historical document detailed the names of the old generation of people who have
been involved in the social organisation of Bterram. The text is the founding declaration of the
Bterraminan Committee for the Progress of the National Interests in 1909.
the 1909 founding declaration of the Bterramian Committee
the 1909 founding declaration of the Bterramian Committee
The members of the executive committees were
presented as follow:
President: Boulous El-Khawly
Deputy of the President: Nicholas El-Khoury Malek
Secretary: Elias Abdellah Malek
Chief Editor: Khalil El-Doughel
Treasurer: Khalil Jabbour Serhan
Original text of the 1909 founding declaration
of the Bterramian Committee - click to
enlarge (shared by Michel G. Serhan)
Committee for helping the needy
- President: Gerges Naser
- Secretary/registrar: Antonios Assef
- Treasurer: Gerges Neamey Malek

Mourning Committee
- President: Semaan Ibrahim Elias
- Members: Yacob Jabbour, Ibrahim
Hanna Malek, Ibrahim Serhan, Salim
Assef, Abdellah Youssef El-Kawly, Ibrahim
Wehbi Tanous, Andrawos Neamey Elias,
Ibrahim Naserallah Malek, Mikhail Youssef
Mikhail, Antanios Nicholas El-Shaa, Hanna
Wehbe Neamey.  
Finance Committee
- President: Ibrahim Saker
- Secretary/registrar: Gerges Neamey
- Members: Abdellah Youssef Mikhail,
Elias Younes, Khalil Jabbour Serhan.

Visit Committee
- President: Elias Abdellah Malek
- Secretary/registrar: Gerges Naser
- Members: Semaan Ibrahim Elias,
Antonios Assef, Hanna Yacob El-Khoury,

School Supervision Committee
- President: Nicholas El-Khoury Malek
- Secretary/registrar: Abdellah Wehbi
- Members: Khalil El-Doughel
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Bterram a beautiful village of Lebanon with thousands of years of history, located
among the olive trees and surrounded by the White Mountains.
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Throughout the history
Marie Bashir, the first woman to be appointed
Governor of New South Wales, Australia. Her
maternal grandparents was originated from Bterram.
Ghassan Jabbour: Professor and holder of the
Canada Research Chair in Engineered Advanced
Materials and Devices
Souhail Khoury held many high military and official
sport positions in Lebanon
Judy Makhoul: Professor Chair, Department of
Health Behavior and Health Education, Faculty of
Health Sciences, the American University of Beirut
Habib Malek:  Associate Professor of history and
cultural studies at the Lebanese American University
Jade Melki Associate Professor of history and
cultural studies at the Lebanese American University
Aksam Merched Professor, Director of Cell Biology
Lab, Pharmacy School, University of Bordeaux

Elie Salem President of the Balamand University,
Elise Salem: Vice President for Student
Development and Enrollment Management at the
Lebanese American University
Paul Salem:  Vice President for Policy and Research
of the Middle East Institute

Philip Salem: Salem Oncology Centre
Albert A Serhan. Minister of Justice of Lebanon
since 2019
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